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Our Vocal for Kids course is specially-designed and easy-to-learn as well. This course includes basics of singing and exercises through which the kids can sing basic songs and gain knowledge about sargam, taal, rhythm and important components of a song.

At Jugalbandi Studio Vasundhara, we strive to deliver the best with style. Our main goal is to impart professional training in all forms of music and dance to each and every person irrespective of them having any prior knowledge in it. As a performer, you develop your skills and explore a range of contemporary styles in Singing as well as a series of instruments and dance forms under the direction of best Faculties and some of the best working professionals in NCR.

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, which is often contrasted with speech. Voice is a natural instrument which does not need any outer help to manifest itself. This is the reason why vocal music is considered to be the highest form of fine arts. No previous experience or knowledge is required to enroll for the singing classes.

We teach both SHASHTRIYA and SUGAM SANGEET i.e. Classical & semi Classical music and contemporary Hindi songs including Ghazal, Fusion, Sufi, Bhajan, Bollywood songs etc.

With our Kids Vocal Classes, your kid will be able to:
    • Sing songs that are fun to learn and sing allow students to celebrate the joy of using their voices while learning to sing in a healthy way.
    • Get warm ups and exercises allow students to experiment and discover their voices.
    • Learn simple rounds, harmonies and musical games which encourage the pleasure of singing with others.
    • New sessions which includes present a new set of simple, popular and folk songs with a range of melody, rhythm, beauty and silliness.
    • Learn basic songs.
    • Get sargam excercises.
    • Get Aural (Ear) Training – Helps you develop a good musical ear, which is an essential skill for all singers.
    • Learn basic notes on the keyboard, which will assist you in singing, arranging and composing songs.
    • Get introduction of Staff notation and Sight reading which makes you able to learn songs, allowing you to respond quickly in a number of professional situations including studio session work and live performances.
    • Learn performance techniques like body movements, eye contact, communicating with the audience, interaction with other musicians.
    • Learn dance fundamentals while improving motor skills, self-expression, confidence, imagination and social development.

  • Why Jugalbandi Studio Vasundhara?
    • We believe in exploring the talent of the every child based on interest.
    • We deliver One-to-One attention and guidance.
    • We share Progress Report with parents in the form of Audio & Video Clips.
    • We award certificates for the courses, competitions and Events.
    • We have an unrivalled track record in music.
    • We have trained teachers and working professionals.
    • We have High quality equipments, air condition classrooms with motivational, challenging, and fun atmosphere.
    • We provide opportunities for talent exposure and grooming sessions from time to time.
    • We provide free demo classes, so that you can experience the way we teach in our classrooms before paying for it.

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