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Our Tabla for accompaniment or Light Tabla course includes the basics of tabla. In this course, you'll be taught the different parts of tabla, sitting posture, techniques of hand positioning, basic strokes, and bols. Further, you'll get the training on playing bols with both hands. Also, you'll be introduced to taals like Keherwa, Dadra, Roopak, and some more Taals of light music along with their types and variations which will enable you to perform or accompany tabla with various songs, Bhajans or Ghazals.

At Jugalbandi Studio Vasundhara, we strive to deliver the best with style. We offer individual lessons, paired lessons, and group classes. The individually designed lessons and classes cater to serious tabla players as well as people who are interested in just having some fun or a looking for hobby.

The tabla has received a place of an ideal accompaniment in Indian Music. The main function of the tabla in accompaniment is to keep time for the main soloist and to be supportive in the establishment of rasa or mood, as prescribed by a raga. Whether the main artist is a vocalist or instrumentalist, the traditional exposition of a raga most likely begins with an unaccompanied alap (literally "converse") in which the main characteristic phrases of the raga are explored.

Prayag Sangit Samiti was founded in the year 1926. The Samiti is an Organization registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860. It was founded with the sole aim of propagating and popularizing the cause of Indian Classical Music in the country. Since its very beginning the Samiti has been striving hard for the propagation and elevation of the status of music, bringing about a new change in the activities relating to music and giving it an identity and feeling of self-realization to musicians and students of music.

It stands exclusively to the credit of the Samiti that music in the country now stands recognized as a subject of study by the UP Government and other State Governments of the country. Its diplomas and degrees are recognized by a number of State Governments, educational bodies and Universities.

With our Tabla Classes, you will be able to:
    • Learn correct technique and tone quality to allow themselves to create their own music and their own improvisations as tabla players while maintaining the sublime tradition of Indian tabla..
    • Get Exposure to concerts, workshops, jam sessions etc.
    • Get application oriented teaching with emphasis on music.
    • Play Indian Classical Tabla based on Taals.
    • Play solo and undoubtedly you can get the stage of your dream where you can perform in public.
    • Play compositions (chant or bhajan) composed in different ragas.
    • Learn basic concepts, notation system, and historical background of Indian Music.
    • Become musically ready for next level courses.
    • Get online learning resources like exercises, Tips, Videos etc. to help continue the fun at home!

  • Why Jugalbandi Studio Vasundhara?
    • We believe in exploring the talent of the every child based on interest.
    • We deliver One-to-One attention and guidance.
    • We share Progress Report with parents in the form of Audio & Video Clips.
    • We award certificates for the courses, competitions and Events.
    • We have an unrivalled track record in music.
    • We have trained teachers and working professionals.
    • We have High quality equipments, air condition classrooms with motivational, challenging, and fun atmosphere.
    • We provide opportunities for talent exposure and grooming sessions from time to time.
    • We provide free demo classes, so that you can experience the way we teach in our classrooms before paying for it.

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